Aging Matters (Blog) Written By Robert Nations and Michelle Hock, Senior Helpers Santa Rosa

As a Senior Advocate in the community, I frequently meet with families as they are challenged with what to do to get help for Mom and Dad as they are getting older.  As a fellow Baby Boomer, I also find people are asking me about resources in the community that will support us as we age.

The GOOD NEWS is there are a lot of great resources in the community to help today with Mom and Dad.  And, I believe as we baby boomers age, these resources will actually improve based on our needs and the number of people in the community.

The purpose of this blog, Aging Matters, is to provide you a window into these resources today and those in the near future.  I plan to interview people and provide you the ability to learn about them and their ability to help us access the resources and information as we age.

Aging does Matter.   I hope this blog helps you or your loved one live as independent as long as possible.