Sacramento passed two new laws in 2013 that take effect in 2014. The laws passed were AB241 (overtime) and AB10 (Minimum Wage). Prior to January 1, 2014, Caregivers working in homes was exempt from overtime. This exemption was given because:
• Overtime increase the cost of care and while people want to remain home, the overtime payment would make home care too expensive for some people.
• Although people want to remain in their homes with care, they do not want multiple people coming and going.
• A person suffering from dementia is more settled when they have a familiar face caring for them. Again, when multiple people are coming and going from their home, they become unsettled.
With the change in the law, home care has changed.
• Starting January 1 2014, anyone (through a company or privately) hiring a caregiver to work in the home will be required to pay time and half for any care giving that exceeds 9 hours in a day or 45 hours in a week.
• Starting July 1, 2015, minimum wage increases to $9.00 hour.

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