Did you know that you do not have to be poor and have no savings before you can qualify for long term care Medi-Cal? We found that most people think they have too much money or their income is too high to obtain any help from Medi-Cal. We met with Debbie Santos from D.A. Santos and Associates and asked her a few questions.
According to Debbie, the government has made provisions in Medi-Cal regulations that allow you to protect your assets and still qualify! There are ways that you can transfer or gift your assets and still obtain the benefits you deserve. There are many planning techniques that can be used such as Trusts, Annuities, and gifting. Each case is unique and should be discussed with a Medi-Cal planner and an Attorney before moving forward.
We told Debbie, most people are afraid that if they receive benefits that the “State will take their home” and their loved one will be left with nothing. Debbie assured us that when you receive benefits the State will not recover against the home while your spouse is still living in the home. And with proper planning your home can be protected from any recovery. You obtain benefits and be assured that your home will be left to your heirs.
Another concern some people may have is that their investments will prevent them from qualifying for Medi-Cal. This is what Debbie told us, “This is not correct; again, there are provisions in the regulations that allow you to protect your assets with proper planning!”
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