Mobility Solutions

In case you missed our most recent post in the Press Democrat, we wanted to share the wonderful information provided by Jonathan's Son. Here is the article as it was posted. Local Company Provides Mobility Solutions The AARP organization has determined that the vast majority of older people would prefer [...]

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Music Therapy

Ease insomnia, and decrease signs of depression, anxiety, and agitation by using therapeutic music. Senior Helpers University is continually looking for additional resources and materials to enhance the quality of life for our clients. We believe that providing a variety of activities to seniors can have many physical, cognitive and [...]

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A Well Deserved Day Off

Many care partners struggle with their choices to be the primary, and sometimes only, care partner for their loved ones. Sometimes, these choices can lead to anger, resentment, stress, depression, exhaustion, and other health issues. It can be difficult to raise your hand and ask for help. The National Adult [...]

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Skin Care

The American Academy of Dermatology states that aging of skin cannot be reversed, but lifestyle changes and habits can help improve the skin health. Hydrate the Skin The human organ that is the skin needs hydration and protection from the sun. As aging progresses, protection is especially important. Skin becomes [...]

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Aging in Place

Most people want to live independently as long as possible, but many of the baby boomers today are dealing with a parent or loved one who needs care at some level. This can range from everyday tasks such as meal preparation, assistance with errands, driving to doctors or to activities. [...]

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Long-Term Care Planning and Solutions

Michelle Terry, a long-term care planner, has told us that major financial planning is quite the challenge for older Americans. In her words, Michelle says, “Long-Term Care Is Not A Place…It’s An Event!” The biggest challenge is managing the high costs associated with long-term care. For many seniors and their [...]

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Compassionate Allowance Conditions

Social Security Administration Approves Early Onset Alzheimer’s for Disability Benefits Early onset of Alzheimer’s disease is now considered one of a growing list of Compassionate Allowance Conditions. If a patient is deemed to have one of the allowance conditions, as determined by a disability case manager, then they may be [...]

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Fall Risks

Every year more than two million Americans fall down causing serious injury and substantial medical bills. Falls have become one of the elderly’s most serious health issues. When older people fall, they often land on their bottoms or backs, putting lots of pressure on their hips. For most people, there [...]

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The Last Detail

We recently heard of a gentleman who has started a business helping tie the loose and sometimes crazy ends when a loved one passes. The business is called The Last Detail. We met with Alec Cummings to find out more about The Last Detail. Here he sums it up for [...]

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Save Your Assets

Did you know that you do not have to be poor and have no savings before you can qualify for long term care Medi-Cal? We found that most people think they have too much money or their income is too high to obtain any help from Medi-Cal. We met with [...]

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