We recently heard of a gentleman who has started a business helping tie the loose and sometimes crazy ends when a loved one passes. The business is called The Last Detail. We met with Alec Cummings to find out more about The Last Detail. Here he sums it up for us…

Alec started The Last Detail in 2009 after more than twenty years in banking and management consulting. While financially rewarding, working for large corporations did not provide him with the opportunity to work where he could more directly help those in times of need.

The inspiration for The Last Detail was Alec’s father-in-law. When he passed away, Alec traveled to Florida for his memorial service. While there, Alec spent hours sorting through papers, notifying pensions and agencies, transferring investments and other assets, and generally completing many of the seemingly endless tasks required once a loved one passes.

Exhausted and traveling back from Florida, the idea of The Last Detail was born. Dealing with all of the post-death details inspired Alec to create a business to help others navigate the post-death avalanche. The idea of The Last Detail has become Alec’s life purpose— to help others when they need it most.

One of the most daunting tasks faced by those who have lost a loved one is figuring how to handle the mountain of paperwork and tasks required after death. Who should be notified and how? How quickly do I need to notify pensions, banks, and others? What is the notification procedure? How do I transfer stock or other financial assets according to the will? What do I need for probate? How do I find out about life insurance proceeds? What documents are needed to transfer or sell real estate? Does the IRS need to be notified of death? Will the utility, telephone, and cable accounts be shut off? Do the credit card accounts need to be closed? These are just a few of the many questions faced by a spouse, partner, children, and/or executor. Figuring this all out while grieving is difficult and stressful.

The Last Detail relieves that stress. They act as your own personal assistant with very specific “how to” knowledge of post-death tasks and paperwork requirements. They work hand-in-hand with your financial and/or legal advisors to complete tasks and paperwork in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner.

The Last Detail are experts at navigating the complex issues, tasks, and paperwork around the death of a loved one.

For more information you can contact Alec at acummings@thelastdetail.biz. Additional information is available on The Last Detail’s website: www.thelastdetail.biz.

To help those who have recently lost a loved one, Alec created a Bereavement Checklist that helps organize and prioritize the tasks and paperwork that needs to be completed after death. To obtain a free, no obligation copy of this checklist either email Alec or request it through The Last Detail’s website.